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how big is the universe?

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how big is the universe?

i think the universe has to end. so people beleive it is all ways expand. but the big question is that what is it expandin in to.

what do u think?

please reply  :cry:

dont u know?
the universe doesnt expand it has a brick wall at the end of it
(dont ask me whats behind)

no seriously how should anybody have the slightest clue whats going on?
i read that the planets dont move apart but the actual space between them stretches.
maybe its expending until it reaches another dimension, and another, and another, and another.......

well where does the universe END. that's a question that no one has a real answer to, all are just theories. if us humans, the dirt the planets, solar sytems EVERYTHING, are the workings of a tiny tiny tiny tiny atom or whatever it was, that exploded and expanding for billions of years, then what we call the universe has an end, what has expanded. i believe that theory, but then what about the christian faith, the God, the almighty, then that totaly leaves us with an uncertain mind, to how things happened
i wish i could know the universe end, and exactly how things work out there in outer darkness

Well, the most well-known theory is that the universe curves round on itself - as in if you started at one point in the universe and just travelled straight ahead, you would eventually come right back to the point where you first started.


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