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Wolf For Sale
« on: October 28, 2009, 07:39:09 PM »
I've had this dream twice, but i have no idea what it means. I'd love some help trying to translate this:

I was in a medium sized port-a-cabin that appeared to have three doors, two were to my left and seemed to be locked as well as bolted shut and bordered up with thick planks of wood, the third door I could see through the widow to my right. It looked like it opened every few minutes, so I thought it must have been of some kind of releasing gadget that opened it every so many minutes. Every few minutes, the door would split in half down the middle and someone would be dragged out.
There was a line of people I knew at the strange door, while other people were just sitting around the room waiting for there turn.
I turned my head to the right and looked out the window to see a long, slightly wide path that had different types of wolves in there wolf form and other different breeds of dogs tied up with rope round there necks to the walls.
Near the outside of the timed door, over to the left. I seen a man completely dresses in black with dirty blond hair, at his feet was the unmoving body of a sandy-yellow furred wolf.
In his right hand, there was a crimson coloured hammer. So he most likely had struck the wolf around the head a few times with the weapon.
I tore my eyes away from the sickening sight, only to see two boys I knew fighting near the centre of the cabin. There names were Lewis Pattmore and Michael Allen. Lewis had fiery ginger hair and Michael had dark brown hair, almost black.
Getting up from the seat I was sitting in, I walked away from the window and stood between the two fighting boys.
“Hey, knock it off.” I shouted at them, making them stop. “Do you know what they’re gonna do to us? The others round the room began to panic, screaming slightly as well while Lewis and Michael shook there heads.
“They’re gonna bash are bloody brains out with sledge hammers if we keep fighting amongst are selves.” I shouted angrily and everyone fell silent, i could hear all of them breathing.
Having given everyone the bad news on what would happen to us, I made my way to the head of the line and looked through the door. It was like one of those doors you could simply walk through that would separate, except this door was on a timer due to open every few minutes.
I carefully rested my hands on it, my heart was beating so madly that it felt like it was hammering against my ribcages, almost like it was trying to break through.
“It’s going to open again.” Someone said from behind me.
I nodded my head, signalling that I had heard whoever had said the warning. But when I was about to move away, the door opened and a hand reached in and grabbed something that was around my neck.
I didn’t know what it was until I looked down at it, around my neck was a dark blue bandana folded into a line and tied tightly at the back of my neck. It only gave me room to breath, I discovered when I struggled to get it over my head.
The person that had grabbed the bandana around my neck and who was now dragging me somewhere was a tall guy, who looked to be in his early twenties with short raven black hair spiked out to the sides slightly and hellish crimson red eyes.
He dragged me down to the end of the path where a small line of wolves with a variety of coloured fur were without slowing down, probably not caring if I couldn’t breath right or that his grip on the bandana was choking me. Wolves looked up at me and stared into my eyes with knowing looks of sadness and, what I could only describe as a look of pity as well.
Grabbing one of the spare ropes that was drilled into the bricks in the wall, he tied a tight knot to the bandana before walking back down the path without a second glance at me. There were only a few wolves and a couple of dogs tied up in front of me, there were no other wolves or dogs tied on either side of me although I could see them further down. I actually wasn’t as far as I thought from the port-a-cabin holding the others.
I leaned my back against the cold brickwork behind me as a small group of people walked down the path towards me, they stopped and stared at me before whispering in hushed voices to each other. Then they walked further down the path, I fallowed them and seen that there was more canines up ahead of me. I turned my head round so I could see down where I came from after hearing a strange noise.
I seen Lewis again, but three other people were brought out with him. A boy about my height with blackish brown hair, a boy taller than me with scruffy brown hair and a girl taller than me with long straight brown hair. Their names were Michael Clarke, Matthew Hughes and Kirsty Kennedy. I knew them as friends, Kirsty being my best friend.
The four were dragged out of the cabin by different coloured bandana’s also round their necks, Lewis and Kirsty glanced down at me and I nodded my head.
Then Kirsty turned into an ivory-white furred she-wolf, Lewis turned into a rusty orange furred wolf, Matthew turned into a coffee-brown furred wolf and Michael turned into a coal-black furred wolf.
A weird feeling then spread through my body, making a shiver run down and up my spine before I was on all fours, I looked down at where my hands should have been to see two smokey-grey wolf paws. I glanced over my shoulder to see I had the body of a grey wolf, my tail had a white tip and I could still feel the bandana wrapped around my neck.
Turning my head away from the small pack of my now in wolf form friends, I seen another small group of people making their way down the path towards me. They stopped in front of me, with their backs to the other wolves and dogs. They also whispered in hushed voices that I couldn’t hear clearly, before walking off.
I looked back towards my friends to see that Kirsty, Lewis, Matthew and Michael were bring dragged down the path in the same way I had. They were dragged my two people, Kirsty and Michael were being dragged by the guy that had brought me down while Matthew and Lewis were being pulled along by the guy wearing a black suit with dirty blond hair from before. The four were tied up beside me like I had been, from left to right it was Lewis, then Kirsty, Michael, me and then Matthew.
Up close I could see that the blond haired guy had foggy-grey coloured eyes, they looked hollow and uncaring from my point of view.
Now that the four were beside me, I could see what colour there bandana’s were. Kirsty had a blood-red bandana that really stuck out on her white fur. Lewis had a bright banana-yellow bandana tied round his neck. Michael had a pure white bandana round his neck that really stuck out from his black fur. Lastly, from what I could see. Matthew had a coal-black bandana tied round his neck that surprisingly you could still see through his fur.
Hearing the sound of footsteps getting closer, I looked down the path and seen the guy with the hellish crimson eyes walking down the path towards the five of us. Two people close behind him, they seemed to be fallowing him. One was a woman who looked in her early twenties with long dark brown hair that stopped just past her shoulders and light Emerald Green eyes.
The other person was a man of average height and appeared to be in his late twenties with messy light brown hair and Mucky Brown eyes.
“Hm,” the woman hummed in thought as she looked at us one by one. “What are their names?” she finally asked.
“They refused to tell us.” The guy replied, shrugging his shoulders before walking back down the path, leaving the two people behind.
The white wolf, Kirsty lay down on the ground a few seconds later. Then the rusty wolf, Lewis and the coal-black wolf, Michael fallowed. Then almost reluctantly, the brown furred wolf, Matthew lay down as well. But I stayed standing.
The woman bent down slightly and reached out a hand towards me, but stopped when I started growling at her outstretched hand. She ignored my growling and reached out further, as it to pet me. I lunged forward and snapped my teeth dangerously close to her fingertips.
Out of what I could only think of was fear, she smacked my muzzle roughly and began to scream almost immediately.
Out of nowhere, the guy dressed in the black suit with the dirty blond hair showed up. Standing beside the man and woman, he looked at them before glancing over to the five of us - me mostly - and smirked evily.
He looked like he was going to enjoy killing me, maybe he was. I felt a little relieved when I didn’t see the crimson coloured hammer in his hand, but it the feeling vanished as quickly as it came as he reached into his right pocket and lifted out the horribly inhumane killing instrument. He stepped closer to us and I growled louder, but I knew it would do no good. I lunged at him, but I didn’t get very far as I stopped in mid air and gravity pulled me down. It was like I had hit an invisible brick wall, but when I stood back up onto my paws I realised it was the rope restricting me from going very far away from the wall. But I was close enough to try and bite the hammer guy, and that’s what I tried. I lunged toward his ankles and snapped my jaws furiously at them. He only took a small step back and I stopped seeing that my pathetic attempt at attacking him wasn’t going to work.
Suddenly he swung the hammer at me viciously, I just barely dodged it by jumping back until I was in line with the other four. Now I didn’t have anywhere to go, I tugged as hard as I could on the rope, tried to slip the bandana off over my head and even quickly tried to gnaw threw the rope. None of those were in anyway successful.
The guy took a step towards me again and I waited for the fait that I knew I couldn’t escape now, not wanting to go looking as a dog with my tail between my legs. I stood up straight and held my head high, I looked the guy in the eyes.
His devilish grin just seemed to grow as he raised the hammer high above his own head, he swung it powerfully at me and as it made contact with the side of my head with a sickening crack.
I woke up.

Sorry it's so long, but i just had to describe what i saw. It made me feel better.


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Re: Wolf For Sale
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2010, 04:40:42 AM »
This is only my opinion but i figured why not give you some insight.

The building where you first start off sounds like a purgatory. The door on the right being the day you are to be judged.
The two doors on your left are locked and boarded over because that is the past (you cannot change it). the reason there are two doors is because no matter what road you go down in life you end up in the same place...... death.

The boys fighting in front of you is the present cause no one is concerned with the past or future for we all have our quarrels and live in the present (represents fighting).

the people in line at the door all being friends and such well all people in your life have the same fate as you they are AWAITING their turn for judgement for we all don't die at the same time. ( which explains why the door opens in spurts cause statistically someone dies every few minutes on earth).

The wolves and dogs being tied up is a little bit trickier but since you claim to be werewolf that puts a spot light on it.

you live in a human body yet you feel not human therefore walking through the door would be uncomfortable because you are not in your OWN skin. (explaining why you have to be jerked through the door not of your own will).

If the people you mentioned becoming wolves with you are not already therian then they are close to you and feel your longing for your "true self".

If they are however therian then that explains why they went through the walk of shame with you.

If they are not therian your dream makes more sense to me because you were the only one at the end of your dream that did not lie down and give up in your beliefs you fought for them even in the face of death and/or what is beyond it (meaning the man that smites you even after your judgement).

This make any sense or am i just shooting in the dark lmao
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Re: Wolf For Sale
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2010, 10:50:52 AM »
That makes complete and total sense, i really needed help figuring out this, as i said at the top i've had this dream twice and it left me even more comfused!

I can't thank you enough, that helps a lot to finally know what the deam means!