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shadow person seen in the apartment
« on: April 27, 2009, 08:51:55 PM »
I've browsed this section on shadow people and am impressed.  I'm one that tends to believe it's all true.  Probably, there are a lots of kinds of shadow people, and perhaps individual people even perceive those differently in various situations.  Here, I share my experience with one:

At the apartment and during the early years at the condominium,
there were a series of encounters with ghosts and shadow people,
especially when John was a baby and toddler.  To me, shadow
people were like ghosts, but not having human features.  With
shadow people, I was never certain that I was in the presence of
something that was once human and died.
When Michelle and I were newlyweds, we moved into an
apartment in Huntington Beach, a beach city south of Los Angeles.
Both Michelle and I worked full-time.  I worked the day shift, plus
erratic overtime.  My schedule included a complicated arrangement of
varying weekdays off and weekend days on.  Michelle worked a swing
shift, with day care for newborn John at her place of work.  When I had
a weekday off, I stayed home and took care of John.  It was during these
weekdays off that I would see the shadow person in the apartment.
Usually an hour or two before Michelle arrived home, after putting
John to bed in the adjoining room, I would see the shadow person
look around the hallway corner leading to his room.  Because my job
required me to become familiar with certain laws and legal terms, I
often found myself at the kitchen table, engrossed in reading case law
about contracts, torts, civil procedures, real estate, and environmental
From the kitchen table, out of the corner of my eye, I could
see the shadow person looking at me.  To me, the shadow person’s
purpose there was to confirm that I was completely occupied before it
proceeded into John’s room.  I had been studying it since discovering it
a few weeks after we moved into the apartment.
To me, ghosts and shadow people were just quantities of
consciousness separated from once-living beings.  They were
additionally similar because, for whatever reason, their consciousnesses
stayed nearby instead of reincarnating or going elsewhere in the
universe.  The difference between the two, as far as I was concerned,
was in how the consciousness cleaved from the body when a person
died.  If the cleaving of the consciousness from the body was not
complete, for whatever reason, a scintilla of physical mass left attached
to the consciousness resulted in a shadow person.  Under the right light
and weather conditions, a ghost could appear as a flat black object, or
shadow person, with few discernable features.  The other characteristic
of shadow people that impressed me was their apparent visual
I noted that any attempt to turn my head or to look at a shadow
person resulted in it ducking away quickly.  I had experimented with
speaking English to it while holding my head steady and viewing it out
of the corner of my eye.  This resulted in no responses.
Late at night, I wondered if the shadow person was of an old
person who liked newborns.  I tried speaking to it in Spanish, with the
same result: no response.  Nevertheless, whenever I attempted to look
up to get a better, more direct look, it would quickly duck out of sight
and disappear.  I noted further that the more I tried to look at it the less
frequently it appeared, and that the more I concentrated on controlling
my head movements and body language when it was there, the more
frequently it appeared in the apartment. After a while, I noticed it had
an eye.  The eye was a small, flat, off-white colored circle in the middle
of its angular, flat black head.  The presence of an eye indicated visual
directionality to me, meaning that the shadow person had to look in
the direction it wanted to see.
Without setting up an experiment to determine its sensitivity to
low frequency noise, I employed an educated guess that, because of its
very low-density mass, it would not be sensitive to vibrations from my
footsteps. This, and its dependence on directional visual acuity, meant
that I could sneak up on it.  After confirming its pattern to check me at
the kitchen table before proceeding into the baby’s room, I was ready
to get a look at its crib-side manners.  At the right moment, I moved
quickly and quietly from the kitchen table.  Reaching the end of the
short hallway and using my peripheral vision to look at a right angle
into the room, I instantly realized that I would not see the shadow
person, as the room was dark inside.  I proceeded to the side of the crib,
expecting John to be asleep.  However, I could see John lying awake
and laughing, a smile on his face.
In recalling this experience, Scott wondered if perhaps shadow
people could be extensions of other living beings.  He wondered if the
shadow person he and Michelle had seen in the apartment could have
been an extension of John, peeking around the corner to see what
his mommy and daddy were doing.  As he recalled, he had never seen
the shadow person in the apartment when John was with him in the
same room.  Neither had he ever seen it when John was not also in the
“The cause for aging and death in human types must be using the brain in manners inconsistent with reality.  The reality of nature is whatever it is; perhaps believing it is something other than what it is, is deadly.”


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Re: shadow person seen in the apartment
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2009, 11:58:14 AM »
Interesting theory that, in this case, the baby was astrally manifesting, or some equivalent. My own research and experiences though, completely refute this idea. A true Shadow is a malevolent creature, related to psychic vampires, or possibly the disembodied spirit or even astral projection of a psychic vampire.

In either case, a Shadow feeds on its victims, and usually does so by instilling a negative emotion in the victim. The complete lack of mention of this in your post indicates to me that this was not a true Shadow - but something of a more positive bent.
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Re: shadow person seen in the apartment
« Reply #2 on: May 03, 2009, 10:27:43 AM »
I appreciate your research and experience.  Thank you, Moloch, for your extertise and analysis.  It reassures me about my portrayal of the character "John" in my writing of Alien Witness.
“The cause for aging and death in human types must be using the brain in manners inconsistent with reality.  The reality of nature is whatever it is; perhaps believing it is something other than what it is, is deadly.”