Author Topic: Abnormal three-year-old Indian kid is considered ais God's incarnation in Bihar!  (Read 2905 times)


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Belhari (Bihar), Sept 18: Residents of Belhari in Bihar's Buxar District are thronging to see three-year-old Deepak, who was born with four hands and four legs, and is now being looked upon as an incarnation of God.

According to witnesses, the extra body parts are protruding from his abdomen.

Deepak's parents, Biresh Paswan and Indu Devi, are struggling to save enough money for his operation.

After his birth in 2004, they took him for a check-up, but doctors have suggested that the child be taken to Delhi for the operation.

"When we showed him to the doctor, he told that a lot of money was needed for the child's operation. But the operation is not possible in Bihar. For that we have to go to Delhi but we do not have enough money," said Biresh Paswan, Deepak's father.

As Deepak is growing up, he is facing problems due to the weight of the extra body parts on his body.

"As he grew up, the additional body parts have increased his weight due to which he finds difficulty in sitting, eating and even sleeping," added Biresh.

But villagers say the infant is an incarnation of God.

"After the child was born, people gathered in the village and said that he is an incarnation of God. That's the state of affairs," commented Bishudeo Ram, villager.

Meanwhile, doctors say that this is a case in which twins were supposed to be born, but due to some genetic problem, Deepak was born with the extra body parts of his twin.

"In this case, twins were supposed to be born, but due to some unexplained reason, the body of the other child did not form completely. The lady might have some genetic problem for which the other child was not born," said Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh, Deputy Superintendent of the Sadar Hospital in Buxar.

Deepak's parents are hpoing that the Government of Bihar will step in and provide them with the required finances for the operation and secure the future of their son.
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