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Re: Paranormal State
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Well i like the show too.But what troubless me is that when i sent ryan buell an email,he reasoned with a list of things that he would not responed that list he said that well let me just show you. Original email from Ryan:
 to me
show details Dec 19 (6 days ago)
Why, hello there!  Thanks for writing to me.  A few things...

1) I literally receive a few hundred e-mails a day on this.  I have a pretty busy life so I can only check this e-mail a few times a week.  And even then, I can't read them all at once.  My goal is to read every e-mail (no matter how long it takes), but I cannot guarantee a reply to everyone!  Just know that your comments mean a lot to me, and if you get an e-mail 13 months from now, hopefully you'll still remember who I am!

2) If you're seeking help, your best solution is to contact  We have people who monitor that e-mail box daily.  Although you aren't guaranteed a response over there either (really sorry about that), we do keep a lookout for emergency cases or cases we feel that we can assist with.

3) I tend not to answer questions like, "oh come on, you can tell ME your childhood experience!  I won't tell anyone I swear!," "Ryan!!!!  What's the name of the demon in that one episode!  I have to know!!!!!," or poorly written e-mails like, "h8y ryan i luv ur show lol lmao l omg rofl ur so hawt i cant w8t to here from u xoxoxoxoxoxo!"

4) I tend to get a lot of people who ask, "when are you coming to [insert location here]!"  I know everyone would love it if we came to their hometown, but we really don't have plans to go anywhere.  It just happens.  We don't point a finger on a map and say, "pack your bags, gang, cause I feel like going to Quincy, Illinois!!"  And sadly, if we're investigating, we can't say where we'll be.  However, if we're doing a public event, I promise that you'll know about it if you check our website and MySpace pages!!  Promise!

5) I also get people suggesting a location to investigate.  Just know that we almost never ask for permission to investigate a place.  We're typically approached from the owners.  So, if you think your museum, bar, high school or beds (Believe it or not, I get a lot of those requests.  Didn't know there were so many haunted beds...weird.), feel free to suggest to the owners to e-mail us.  If we end up investigating, then of course we'd love to involve you somehow so you can tell your story if you want.

6) Lastly, if you claim to be a mythical creature, an angel in disguise or an ancient alien race hiding secretly on this planet and you wish to speak only to me, don't be offended if I don't accept your generous proposal.  I'd just expect aliens and the whatnot to have the ability to contact me beyond my fan e-mail.  But I do enjoy those e-mails!  Also, people who claim they know how to control demons may not get a response, either.  I guess it's all in the presentation.  Believe it or not, I'm a pretty rational/skeptical guy.

Well, those are just some basic automatic responses.  If you're one of the people who wrote a question similar to the examples above, don't sweat it.  I still appreciate each and every e-mail!

Take care guys,
me- as i said this troubles me idk but it dose and they have not answered back,but i do understand that their is a lot of peole that want his attention.
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