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I saw something really weird last month, and I thought I would post it here in case anyone has heard of, or even seen, this sort of phenomenon.

It was on a Monday night, in chilly Saskatchewan. I was driving home when I noticed that the northern lights were in the sky. They weren't just in the distance though, they were actually moving directly over top of the area. They didn't have bright colors, instead they were a sort of dull, eerie green. They looked quite beautiful though, when they moved directly over top of me they looked like rays of green light pointing at, or coming from, the moon.

As I was watching the lights go by in the sky, I saw something start moving. It was a star, a simple white dot in the sky like all the rest, only it was moving eastward at a fast, steady rate. Originally I thought it was just a plane, or even a satellite, but I became very suspicious when I started to think about it logically.

For one thing, it wasn't moving anything like a plane. The star did not blink, and it was moving far to fast to be a plane at high altitude. There were no smoke trails, and I heard no sounds of an engine as it passed by. It also appeared out of nowhere, I hadn't seen it coming from the west, I spotted it in the sky directly above me. After it had moved about a third of the way across the sky, it suddenly faded out. It did not reappear, it simply faded out and didn't appear again.

I went back to looking at the rest of the stars and the northern lights, still confused about what I had seen. The ever cautious, pragmatic side of my mind kept telling me it was a satellite or a plane, and I had just missed some minor detail about it. That train of thought quickly ended when I saw ANOTHER star start to move, this time heading north. It was moving at an almost identical rate to the previous one. I followed it as it moved across the sky a little bit before it too, faded out and disappeared.

There are three things I know for sure:

1. It wasn't a plane, it was moving way too fast at too high an altitude and left no smoke trails/noise.

2. It wasn't a satellite or shooting star, it did not have blinking lights and it was moving too slow and lasted too long to be a shooting star.

3. It wasn't a figment of my imagination, my mind was perfectly healthy and I do not suffer from wild fantasies. The whole "your just seeing things" is a skeptic scapegoat.

I honestly don't know what it was, I also don't know if it was linked with the Northern lights passing over the area or not. Whatever it was, it was weird and fascinating at the same time.

Have you guys every witnessed a phenomenon like this before? Do you  have any thoughts/opinions about it?

It could be a spacestation or satelite passing by... I've seen this several times. no worries there ;-) the aurora you saw btw is nothing to worry about, a friend of mine sees the green aurora's every winter :)

Yeah, ive seen stuff like that. But one thing u gotta know, satellites DONT blink. Although, they dont start to move all of the sudden either....


--- Quote from: Nina on November 27, 2011, 09:48:01 AM ---Yeah, ive seen stuff like that. But one thing u gotta know, satellites DONT blink. Although, they dont start to move all of the sudden either....

--- End quote ---

Yea I knew that, I just typed in the wrong spot(ironically, sometimes correcting my post causes errors). I doubted it was a satellite since I sort of question whether they would be visible and shine as bright as a star. Besides, it was moving way to fast IMO.

I also wasn't concerned about the green aurora, I figured it was just the northern lights without their color due to them being directly over top of the area.

believe me, they move fast... I've seen a space station in orbit moving at the speed of a plane so yea :) it's nothing supernatural if you ask me.


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