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dunno if possession, black magic or both

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i once saw this looooong time ago, and than i stumbled over it again on the internetz.

it would be very mad of me to request a explanation for this, i just want to know the ritual but one thing is bothering me

once the body is dead the spirit can't just go in again, or can it ? maybe it is being possessed by another spirit

main thing's first: it could possibly be a demon, since they are known to possess corpses

freaky thing indeed :)

i really want to know how they did it. and i think i might make a bad impression since this is my first topic here, but i dont give a thing

Ok, if this is true, its verrry scary :O

This is cool. So let's have a look. If the body has been animated by magic it doesn't need anyone behind the wheel. It could just be a zombie. A soulless lump of meat making its way to be disposed. If their was something in it I am fairly sure it wouldn't be walking up to it's grave volunteraly. No possession required for this. Just a whole lot of Hoodoo. Still. Using magic to make a body walk to its own funeral is kind of lazy. It's like a telekinetic using their ability to turn a page in their book. A bit of an abuse of power.

I think it might be a possession of something that can move the body from the inside,
considering the other way it would be just a zombie, but made by using black magic? weird.
but anyway, if a hoodoo zombie apocalypse happens, I'll be the one pointing at them. lol

That brings me to the question, why even point at them?

i know in my own folklore that pointing at people is for laying a curse over them, but breaking one?

Hoodoo voodoo, huh. Angelus, we should let them be lazy, let them keep in good practice with controling this whatever it is, cause if they lose control and it is a type of reanimation, we might be screwed.  :lol: But seriously, from the picture and the article, it seems more along the lines of a puppet with the magic man controling it with strings or something.


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