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ever since i was a little kid ive been able to read minds and make people do stuff.. no by choice, it just happens only later do i find out about it. i recently looked back at all the times it happened and it only happened in the rain. any thoughts.

p.s. both of my parents are pagans. i havent tryed anything.

Children by nature have a natural intuition when it comes to people, sort of like animals, being human they can foster it by studying the human condition, understanding humanity and playing to it's heartstrings.  It's a good defense for creatures that really don't have much defense, "Ahhhh, how cute." can work for all ages, it's the difference between lovers and fighters.

How do you know you're reading minds, making people do stuff and what are they doing?

...the rain should really have no bearing on anything except maybe influencing your emotions to a deeper state that allows your mind some relaxation time to flex and grow, but it in itself would have no special power.

thats just it.. i dont no. i only later find out when i mention somthing or evaluate past occurences

o and thanks for replying

i have had similar experiances, I come from a Catholic background. My nana ( gods rest her soul) told me it was a trait that ran in her side of the family but im the only child in the last two generations to manifest it. I feel personally you have two approaches to this; one try to use it to better situation etc. or two try not to use it.


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