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any real vamps out there?

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i want 2 be a vamp anyone out there who is 1 or knows where i can find 1 (in the UK)

I once knew a vampire in the UK; have not seen him for decades though, I'm afraid. It may be easier to simply locate a stranger vampire, and solicit their aid in turning you. This has the potential to be dangerous however; for sure. On the other hand, some vampires I've known are effectively oblivious of their vampiric nature: if, for instance, you knew a vampire already, perhaps one who was unaware of their own nature, then requesting their service in turning you would likely be far more likely to succeed.

Please someone help me, against the admin, who is being a bully on here

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When you hear the word vampire, each and every one of us envision Count Dracula.However, this is not the case with real vampires. Yes, there are real vampires and some do in fact have a lust for blood per se. On the other hand, it is not necessarily the blood they desire but the energy that comes from the blood. vampires unlike us need energy and cannot replenish it in the same manner as the rest of us. vampires are humans that eat, breathe, and enjoy everything else that other humans do; however, they have a sort of impairment that depletes their energy level. They can attain energy in various ways according to the type of vampire they are. The energy that vampires crave is also known as chi, prana, or life force. There are various types of vampires, which are usually defined into two major categories which Psychic vampires and Sanguine vampires, the later are the ones known as blood feeders. The modern day vampire is not lurking in dark alleys waiting for you to pass by so they can attack your jugular vein and suck all the blood from your body. They are also not capable of turning into a bat and flying into your window at night to turn you into a blood feeder. The majority of modern day vampires have learned how to absorb energy around them to keep their life force healthy. When a vampire begins losing energy, he or she can become very ill and will need to feed. The way in which they feed is by absorbing energy from others around them some by touch while others do not have to touch at all. When you break the Psychic vampires down into various categories, you will find: Elemental vampires, who feed on such elements as thunderstorms Sexual vampires, who feed on sexual acts Emotional vampires, who feed on the emotions of other around them Psychic vampires do have sharp senses and good immune systems; however, they can become very ill when they need to feed just as Sanguine vampires. vampires that need to feed can experience muscle cramps, headaches, stomach cramps, nausea, and even have a bad temper. All vampires prefer to be social in the evening hours as their skin and eyes are sensitive to sunlight. Sanguine vampires seem to have more sensitivity than Psychic vampires appear to have


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