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I love this series, have loved it since i watched episode one and makes my entire wednesday night, even watching it over Criminal minds.

I currently love what they're doing with Castiel, by far my favorite character, they haven't strayed much from what makes this series a fantastic watch and happy that they keep the brother drama going while going back to the more original approach of them seeking out strange phenomena and solving it. 

Adding garth as an improbable but perfect addition to a hunter keeps a subtle humor to the show without going the campy route.

As long as they keep castiel his enigmatic, lost and confused on earth self, I'm good with the show...but now stuck waiting until January for them to return. Supernatural and Spartacus...if there is a heaven then January I'm in it. 

Great show. Very enjoyable. With the cancelation of the late, great Buffy and Angel it gave me something new to watch. RIP Bobby Singer.

I really don't like this mid season wait thing, but in january there'll be all sorts of delightful series i can watch again. What's up with the mid season thing?

So, they're back on track and as groovy as ever...still waiting for misha's return, i miss my castiel and mr. collins syfy movies just aren't the same without his trench coat.


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