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Scariest TV Shows of all time

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 What are the  Scariest TV Shows of all time in your opinion ?

There are many lists on the web for scariest movies but I think the TV shows is more tricky because many of those shows have been forgotten.

Twilight Zone, but the old ones...

and even some episodes of Dr.Who... I still have nightmares about his eeckie hand.... :-o

Some of my favorites

Dark Shadows
Night Gallery
Alfred Hitchcock

Compared to todays shows they are tame, but back in the 60s as a young un, they were scarey then <^>

Come on, these are not scary !

I need more obscure stuff with comments !

What about "The prisoner" ?


--- Quote from: Loki on May 07, 2008, 09:41:52 AM ---Come on, these are not scary !

I need more obscure stuff with comments !

What about "The prisoner" ?

--- End quote ---

Sorry, but being a young kid back in the 60's, these shows were scarey to me

The Prisoner was not scarey at all to me, it was more a great mess with the mind type show, it is known/considered science fiction....great series .... I have it on DVD and VHS

If you want to add shows that aired on TV, I would have to add another Dan Curtis show (with a couple of episodes in it) called the "Triliogy Of Terror" I am talking about the original 1975 version with Karen Black, the episode about the Zuni Doll really freaked me out

Even though there was not that many episodes how about "Day of the Triffids" it is also considered scifi, but it had some creepy moments  (remember the weird clicky sounds they made?) and could be considered horror/scarey stuff

I have to agree with nina about Dr Who, the daleks and other monsters sent many a child from the UK and Europe running behind the couch in terror

Still other than the ones I mentioned (and Nina's) those were the scarey shows that were the most well known, and the best IMHO

They all have survived the test of time

As far as new TV shows are concerned hands down "Supernatural" is the best in the horror genre


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