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charms and talisman

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what kind of charms talisman and symbols do you guys now of that are condusive to magic be specific

 Charms as in stones or crystals? Or just anything and everything in general?

anything and everything

 Well... if you mean magic as in spells. I don't. I'm not about to try and write a spell just to have it backfire on me because some perverse twist of fate.
 But if we're just talking our own personal 'magic' then I don't use anything specific. I pick up and keep what tells me I belong with. Man.. I sound crazier and crazier all the time!  *<:) But, seriously.. I have things.. stones, crystal, wood... simply because they told me I had to have them. I just couldn't walk away. If I had to buy it.. then I bought it. Some I found naturally. But it doesn't matter.. they mean something to me. They feel a part of me.

i was looking more on others knowledge of symbols and items that are useful for rituals


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