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Hi I'm new here and I want to talk to people who want to hunt demons or any other type of monsters. I feel like I really want to do this and I know how dangerous it is, I also know that I have to leave my old life behind. I don't want to really talk about my life, but lets just say its different and I feel like I need to help people in this way. I want to do this. I know what I need to do in training, but the actual hunting park in like tracking, finding, or killing different kinds of monsters that I could face. I would also like to see if anyone would be willing to work with as a partner. Someone to do this with.

Wow, sounds like a doozie! But at the same time it sounds like you'll have a fun time. I'm afraid I don't have much luck in hunting monsters. But I certainly wish you luck, and hope you find what you're looking for. :)

Umm... dude half of the people on here are monsters, no offence but i am a vampire and i don't want anyone to kill me sorry

I was really hoping you weren't going to tell him.  :-o

 :-o sorry :|


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