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Living Forever

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Phantom X:
Would you, given the chance, live forever?

I would. I think seeing the world change and develope would be great.

i wouldn't...

at first it would be appealing, the knowledge you could learn, the things you could see and do...but then i think about watching everything i loved die, knowing that anything i ever loved would die...everyting i knew would change, but much as i enjoy learning, i wouldn't want to exist forever in an emotional void, i enjoy those sensations, much more.

maggot man:
Immortality throughout the ever evolving cycle of time would as a matter of course,leave the one so blessed, no option but to clothe himself in obscurity as the only feasible means of avoiding the unwelcome public astonishment and awe that would ineveitably greet the discovery of this miraclous phenomenen. And to me, that would be a living death, infinitely worse than the physical one that will evantually overtake us all. The  promise of living eternally? Not for me. Far more frutiful to leave my legacy and imprint on the history of man-kind, and then retire to the after-life to participate in the subsequent step of the great cycle.

Phantom X:
Knowledge is worth the pain that comes and goes from the time to time death of a loved one, and even that can be prevented by not getting close to anyone else after all your friends and family die off.

alastor moon:
no.just having to live through onelifetime adn not remembering in the next is enough, i don't wnat to remeber every stupid thing i live through.


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