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After nearly 2 decades as a Wiccan, I have actually discovered my male patron dieties. All my life I had always felt more connected to female dieties. Kali, Diana, & Venus being the three I felt closest too. We are preparing for a trip to Egypt soon & I was doing a little research to "bone-up" on my Egyptian mythology. During this time I realized Sobek & Anubis were my Patrons. I have always loved Anubis, no idea why, but never thought of him as a possibility since I felt no real connection to the Egyptian pantheon. Sobek is the crocodile god, a seemingly obvious choice for me but he is also a protector of mothers. This is something all my patrons have in common along with protecting animals. I was wondering if anyone wanted to share who their dieties are & what it was that drew you to them?

Thoth .... He kept poping up, it seemed like he is the one.


If I have one, I have no idea who it is. :|

Wolfman, the first question is, are you pagan? The patrons I am talking about refer to the dieties a pagan/wiccan/etc feels most connected. If the answer is yes, then it may just take time for you to find the one(s).


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