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can any mishap be taken as paranormal event

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Some unknown people whom i do not know is rioting against me.Can it said to be paranormal event or any other such reason can be behind it ?


--- Quote from: aakrant on November 06, 2012, 12:46:12 AM ---Some unknown people whom i do not know is rioting against me.Can it said to be paranormal event or any other such reason can be behind it ?

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The best spell, tell a person they're cursed and let their brain do the work.

I'm going to have to say no, to influence a group of people it would have to be one heck of a witch, a serious vendetta from a high ranking devil or other reason for you to be vexed, but even when i was a practicing witch i enjoyed the mental manipulation. Ultimately a person's will is their own and it's the strength of that will that can allow an attack or be free of it's influence. Since i've renounced witchcraft i don't have many supernatural experiences at all and those i do are more along the lines of being struck by the amazing beauty of a sunrise, a timely rainbow in the sky or out of season butterflies dancing with one last attempt at keeping summer alive.

If you do believe you're under some supernatural attack, find methods that work with your spirituality to repell, bind, or destroy them...books stores, the internet and a variety of other sources have a wonderful selection of cleasning, bindings, repellings and the sort to assist a magician with whatever is vexing them, but at the same time the more you get into it the more you attract it into your life. Sort of a damned if you do, damned if you don't scenario, as long as you believe you're being attacked, you are.

I felt curse.First I felt that those people are changing into stone and their size is increasing and I have been crushed.My mind is becoming thoughtless and I am not able to think anything else.

My mom says "Someone cursed me" every time she loses at a gambling game, I play with the idea in relation to my romantic life and have a distinct family history that could confirm that there's something to the "curse". However when it comes down to me deeply thinking about the situation, gambling depends on chance and how can i maintain a sincere relationship when I'm just now regaining a firm grasp on my own life and have bigger fish to fry than a romantic entanglement? 

Give me a devil and curse any day!!!!!

But I'm a firm believer in free will and nothing supernatural can truly affect your life unless you allow it to, it's surreal and intangible...life is the opposite. If it's a serious concern there are a variety of spells, rituals and backfire/return spells you can find and use. *shrugs

Ultimately, unknown people can't curse you...they need some sort of finder to connect to you, the hair strand, picture, nail clipping etc. aren't exaggerations. Having done curses in my younger years, they're not so easy to direct, cast or control and the toll on the caster is always more dire, there's a reason all spiritual cultures have some "three fold" rule.

you can sit back and let the attacks happen or take a defense and stand up for yourself.

what is the meaning of living in bad dreams?


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