Author Topic: White Wearwolf?  (Read 1988 times)


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White Wearwolf?
« on: June 22, 2009, 11:51:01 PM »
I wasn't sure what a Crypto was at first but I read one of the first posts and I think I have seen something like this.

It's kind of a wierd story. . .one of my good friends had been gettin weird phone calls of some person howling on the phone like a wolf or something.  And he told me and a couple of our friends that he seen a white wearwolf outside his parents house (some of us kinda live in the boonys [IND woot woot!]).  

Well I wasn't sure if I believed him at first.  We just kinda laughed about it.  But one night My friend was out of town and me and my other friend were hangin out at my parents house.  We was outside smokin a cigarette and all of a sudden we both heard something movin a ways back.  My friend looked right at me and I was standing in front of my folks back porch, and I looked right at him and he was standing in my backyard not far from me; I automaticly looked almost directly behind him, to 'his' right(my left).  It was a ways back cuz my parents back yard at that house we lived at was pretty big, but it was surrounded by cornfields on the right side and the back side all the way behinds my neighbors house (and there was the road in front and another field on the other side, not sure if that one was corn or beans).

ANYWAY, heheh, I looked back a ways at that corn field and I seen this big bright white strait furry leg with fur that busheld out like bell bottoms at the bottom.

And then it was gone but we could both hear it goin through the field it was pretty loud goin through the corn you could deffinately hear it movin.  Maybe the wierdest thing about this whole story is that my next door neighbor breeds and raises labradore retreavers.  Those damn things would bark at just about anything late at night.  But they didn't even make a peep.

I only saw it for a few seconds but it was maybe one of the weirdest things I have ever seen. . .maybe.  At least the weirdest I've seen with someone else there to make sure i'm not just goin crazy, hahaha The olther things I have seen, I am not sure if they belong in this forum. . .but has anyone seen anything similar to this before?  Or heard about it?
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Re: White Wearwolf?
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2009, 03:02:07 PM »
I have been hearing strange howling outside my house, and I live in a very "country" area. The land around my house is known for having wolves but these howls are so scary.
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