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Tales of The Wind- Zdenko Bašić 2011.
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I find this book a peace of real treasure. Its about fairy world of Croatian lore. Beautifully written and drawn it deserves a place on every child's bookshelf :)

For all those who are asking themselves and want to understand…
…the wind’s language and how to listen.
The wind will always speak as long as there are ears to listen.
Hear stories, the secret quiet language you can learn and listen to by yourself.
Find a place,
where all other sounds are silent, and you can hear the silence.
Let the heavens be open above you,
the north wind at your back,
open this book and listen to where the wind is coming from.
Turn the book in the direction of the wind’s finger.
Level your body in that direction.
Close your eyes, and let the wind blow freely in your face.
because it speaks through touch, sound and murmurs, as well as scent.
Breathe deeply, and when it passes through you…
Listen then to what the wind is telling you.
Clouds, leaves and birds.
Now everything is speaking its language.
It will teach you more.
Thank it!
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