Author Topic: Werewolves. And how Norse/Germanic Berserks created the modern werewolf "myth"  (Read 444 times)


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I may not have the same views on "lycanthropy" as you.
But if anyone is interested in Pre-Christian Europe, and specifically the Norse and Germanic people
read about this
It's obvious many "myths" created by christians about werewolves in europe were actually fear and propaganda created against the Úlfhéðnar. Who were Odin's special warriors, who wore the wolf skin into battle.
Although a wolf spirit can come to people in many different ways as they may come to you in a different way. But to me and to my European ancestors, it came in this way. And the Christians of course, outlawed berserks and they eventually became folklore of wolf men slaying good christian folk.
But anyone who knows me, knows I follow the old ways as much as I can. But still, just a interesting read for anyone who is into history, and the origin of the European "werewolf"
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