Author Topic: CLAUDIA SCHIFFER AND THE GHOST  (Read 1433 times)

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« on: June 26, 2003, 11:08:26 PM »
CLAUDIA SCHIFFER has reportedly called in an exorcist to rid her Suffolk mansion of a ghost. The German supermodel, who bought the 5 million Coldham Hall just before marrying Matthew Vaughn in May last year, was warned by Britain's Ghost Club that the house was visited each summer by the spirit of a young mother called Penelope, a member of the Rockwood family who owned the 16th-century mansion for generations. It seems that Claudia, Matthew and their baby son Caspar have grown unhappy with the arrangement though, and called upon the services of ghost buster Elizabeth Bridgeman. Claudia, whose family narrowly escaped injury when they were involved in a car crash in West London last month, was also told by the Ghost Club that the mansion houses two cursed pictures that could bring bad luck if they are moved. She is said to be feeling much better since the exorcism. "Elizabeth came and did her stuff and the atmosphere in the house has changed already," a friend told the Sunday Mirror. "What she did to rid the house of the ghost no one is quite sure, but Claudia seems very happy with the results." (June 23 2003, AM)