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Christian Schism - Will Antichrist Be A Christian Leader
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11 points of Christian doctrinal argument (Historical vs Futurist vs Evangelical etc) worth mulling over... Most Christians may not recognise the arrival of the Antichrist, and may even follow him... As for the identity of the "Elect"...

(1) Antichrist is the central prophetic person of the New Testament who is to come, just as Christ was the central prophetic person of the Old Testament who was to come. Hence the importance of the doctrine and the reason for Satan’s perversion of this doctrine. Satan wills to disguise and hide the identity of his greatest deception. The Lord, however, wills to reveal him.

(2) As Jesus Christ’s advent could not be discerned by Israel who claimed to love the Lord Jehovah, neither can Antichrist’s advent be discerned by ALL Christians who also claim to love the Lord Jesus.

(3) The Elect, however, will discern both because the Lord wills they discern both. The Lord’s will cannot fail. He has given the Elect the Spirit of truth who leads them into all truth.

(4) The Revelation is the revealing, by the Lord Jesus Christ to His Elect Church, of the war between the Two Churches: the Church of Christ and the Church of Antichrist. The identity of their arch-enemy is given in detail. To ‘reveal’ is to ‘disclose,’ ‘to open to view,’ the very opposite of ‘keeping sealed, hidden and secret.’ However, the Revelation, like the Parables, will remain closed, sealed and obscure to all but the Elect, Matt.13: 13-17; Matt.11: 25-26.

(5) The prophetic truth concerning the Antichrist has never been totally extinguished from the knowledge of the Elect, but has been preserved and handed down by a remnant from generation to generation. The Lord has always raised up prophetic teachers to teach others the true interpretation of the prophecies.

(6) The faithful take part in this war. It is a war of polemics, whereby the true Christ is distinguished from the false, the true Gospel distinguished from the false, the true Christian distinguished from the false. This polemical war has frequently resulted in the death of the true Christian at the hands of the false Christian, as Christ’s polemical war with the religious Jews resulted in His death.

(7) False interpretations of the prophecies have been introduced by the enemy to counter the charges which indict their beloved leader, the Antichrist, his false prophets and false body. Those leaders who teach false interpretations, and repenteth not, are members of Antichrist’s body, though they claim otherwise. One cannot love both truth and lies, just as it is impossible to love both Christ and Antichrist.

(8 ) Preterism, Futurism and Idealism are the leading false interpretations which have permeated the professing visible Christian Church.

 (9) Those Christians who participate in the spiritual warfare against Antichrist and his body of false Christians are deemed ‘blessed and holy’ by the infallible Holy Spirit, Rev. 20:6, cf. verse 4; as are those who understand and believe the prophecies, Rev. 1:3.

(10) Christians rising in the first resurrection did not escape tribulation, nor did they admit ignorance as to the identity of their arch-enemy.

(11) The history of the true Church of Jesus Christ confirms all the above.

Just thought the more esoteric students might like to think about it. :D

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