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Strange Guests
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Strange Guests by Brad Steiger
Just in time for Halloween, Anomalist Books publishes Brad Steiger's classic study of the poltergeist, Strange Guests.
Quote from: Jeff Belanger, founder of
Strange Guests will force you to completely rethink the poltergeist phenomenon. Brad Steiger explores both legendary and obscure ghost cases from around the world as only he can. His gripping narrative style takes readers inside the haunts and explores the poltergeist activity from the perspective of the witnesses who (mostly) lived through it. Throughout the history of paranormal research, there are very few who can match the credibility and reputation of Brad Steiger.

Quote from: Brent Raynes, Editor of Alternate Perceptions
Brad Steiger is the master storyteller extraordinaire when it comes to true tales of the supernatural and of unexplained occurrences. This prolific and highly acclaimed author truly has no real equal in this branch of the literary field. Strange Guests is a genuine early Steiger classic about legendary poltergiest cases like the Bell Witch, Slawensick Castle and many other haunting tales that should definitely send innumerable chills and shivers up and down your spine!

Poltergeists are the most physical and tangible phenomena in the field of paranormal research. "Poltergeist" is German for a noisy ghost, an entity that can throw objects, toss furniture around the room, and even attack people. Some poltergeists have demonstrated incendiary abilities and caused fires. In certain instances, poltergeists have developed voices that give evidence of a clever, mischievous intelligence behind the phenomenon. For thousands of years, poltergeist victims, exorcists, clerics, and psychical researchers have debated whether the frightening, violent disturbances are caused by ghosts, demons, elementals, or some burst of psychokinetic energy released by the human mind in an expression of frustration, hostility, repression, or corrupted creativity.
In 1965, Brad Steiger's newspaper column on the paranormal attracted the attention of Ivan T. Sanderson, noted zoologist, Fortean, and explorer of the strange and unknown. Sanderson encouraged Steiger to write a book dealing exclusively with poltergeist cases, and with Sanderson as his mentor, Steiger agreed to enter the eerie reality that is the domain of the most bizarre phenomenon in all of psychical research. Released originally in 1966 - but now with a Foreword by Loren Coleman and an Afterword by Brad Steiger - Strange Guests has the distinction of being the first of Steiger's now more than 160 books that dealt exclusively with the paranormal.

Strange Guests
ISBN: 1933665173
168 pages
US $12.00/ UK 7.50
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