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A three-headed calf draws large number of people to Uttar Pradesh's village

Nurpur (Uttar Pradesh), Nov 4: Many people are flocking a dusty village in Uttar Pradesh where a buffalo has given birth to a calf with three mouths and an extra eye.

Born on Tuesday, the calf has all of its three heads functioning along with the extra eye. Many people have termed it as the reincarnation of the trinity Gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

As the news of the deformed calf spread by hearsay, it has drawn a lot of believers to the village. Scores of people descend to Nurpur village when it's dawn to worship the calf and pray for their wishes to be fulfilled.

The owners of the buffalo are also astonished to have such a calf in their house and looking at the public response the three-headed calf has evolved, bring it out for public to have a 'divine' glimpse.

"During the previous two pregnancies, the offspring of this buffalo was normal. But this time around, the calf had three mouths and three eyes. The calf was born early on Tuesday. We informed our near and dear ones after two hours. We consulted the local priest and he informed us that this is the incarnation of Brahma and Shiva. We started offering prayers and now, many religious minded are come here to worship the calf," says Raj Kumari, who owns two other buffalos apart from this calf's mother.

Devotees believe they have no doubt the calf is an incarnation not only of Brahma, but also of the other two gods in the trinity.

"It's a miracle. God Vishnu has taken a shape of this calf, so has Brahma. It's the holy trinity. Everybody is offering prayers and money and their wishes are being fulfilled. We are really happy about it," said Susheela, a devotee.

In August, thousands drank from a murky Arabian Sea creek after news spread that its water had miraculously turned sweet and could cure illnesses.
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