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CC in Australia
« on: May 16, 2003, 12:15:55 AM »
THE overnight appearance of dozens of bizarre crop circles in a field of sorghum has spooked a Sunshine Coast hinterland farmer and his workers.

The phenomenon, which was accompanied by loud "zapping noises", a flash of green light, lost power and barking dogs has the Gowen family of Glass House Mountains flumoxed.

Fifth generation land owner Kel Gowen said he was woken about midnight on Wednesday by two loud "zaps".

His farm hand, Noel Brady, whose cottage overlooks the 4ha of sorghum, said he was also woken by the first zapping sound, which was followed by the loss of power and bright green flashes.

Mr Gowen said it was only during a routine check of his property early yesterday morning that he noticed the 30 flattened circles in the sorghum.

Mr Gowen said his family had never taken notice of stories of crop circles or UFOs.

The Courier-Mail