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If I wanted to communicate with the shadows that are here to find out why are trying to get my attention, how would I go about it?

They are trying to tell me something, and I would like to know what it is...I do not fear them, they have been around me, in different forms, for most of my life.

And they are commanding my attention, as I see it, in more blatant ways.
I want to know why, and have some things to ask them, if allowed.

I did some research and the following is what I found.
Feel free to correct any fallicy that is within ...

In communicating with shadows, there are several things to remember.

The first point applies generally to non-physical organisms, and that is on the whole they don't have verbal language. There are exceptions, of course - but in my experience verbal language is usually the domain of physical beings who need to use sound to convey signals.

Some will be able to understand if you say "hello" - but if you're trying to communicate with someone who speaks another Earthly language, then learning the basics of it makes life much easier. In France, you try for "bonjour" instead. With every shadow I have met, the basics of communication is directed, selective empathy. So, rather than saying "hello", you focus on the concept of non-hostile greetings, and direct it towards who you want to communicate with: you use their language.

The further you get away from words the higher your chances of success. Focus on the meaning, not the way you would, on Earth, convey that meaning - same as if you are dancing, you move your feet - you don't think of which muscle to contract.

Directing the greeting at a specific shadow is fairly easy. If you know the individual and can identify a specific feeling you associate with it, then focus on that feeling while you focus on the message. To non-physical entities who do not have verbal names, focussing hard on the way they "feel" is the equivalent of yelling their name at the top of your lungs. If the shadow is actually nearby, and you can point and say, "Yeah, it's in that corner" then add direction to the mix. In that case, you end up focussing on a thought of: (friendly greetings) + (personal identity) + (physical place).

Closing your eyes and turning out the lights will also likely help, as shadows in general are not very fond of light of any kind.

If the shadow you are trying to communicate with is around a lot, I would say there is a good chance that it will work and it will either get freaked out and leave, or try to communicate right back at you. If it starts communicating with you, expect to be aware of unfamiliar emotions, intuitions, images, and ideas. Basically anything turning up in your head that seems alien or not yours.

From that point, you can continue in exactly the same way - you connect a concept of a message, which could be (curiosity as to your reason for being here), or could be (request that you leave), or (desire to learn more about you), or anything at all, to a concept of identity, and focus on directing the message outward.

If you get no response after a reasonable number of attempts, then you will probably want to broadcast a bit louder. That is just a case of using whatever meditation practice you prefer and repeating the above - as meditation can have the effect of moving you away from your physical body, and thus closer to non-physical levels.

I will emphasise again that for most people, shadow energy is uncomfortable and possibly dangerous. A non-shadow probably does not want to get too close to a shadow through empathic communication, at least until the shadow is known well. Unless you're a shadow yourself or have a lot of experience working with shadows, before you try talking to any, you will want to shield as heavily as you can. You can gradually reduce the level of shielding you use, but just for the sake of caution, it's best to start out safe.

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